Listen to Squarepusher’s anti-Brexit song ‘MIDI sans Frontières’

"It is not offered as a substitute for progressive political action but as a complement to it."

Squarepusher – aka Tom Jenkinson – has released new song that is a direct comment to the recent Brexit vote, which may see the UK leave the EU.

Titled ‘MIDI sans Frontières’ – which translates as ‘without borders’ – Jenkinson is offering the song as a free download on his website, accompanied by the track’s sheet music and stems.

In an accompanying essay, Squarepusher wrote: This piece of music was written in the aftermath of the referendum and I present it as the basis of an internationalist collaboration with sound makers irrespective of what kind of music they make, where they live, their background, their age -all are invited to participate.”


Continuing he said: “It is not offered as a substitute for progressive political action but as a complement to it. I put it forward in defiance of the bigotry threatening the fragile connections that exist between us all.

“I hope it will be an opportunity to reaffirm some of those connections amidst a very disturbing situation.” Sqaurepusher is not the only musician to share his thoughts about the referendum outcome, with Jarvis Cocker encouraging fans to sign a petition calling for a second EU referendum during a Glastonbury DJ set.

Thom Yorke and Ellie Goulding also shared the link to a petition calling for another EU referendum earlier this week. You can listen to ‘MIDI sans Frontières’ below.


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