Venue of first Squeeze gig to be honoured with ‘blue plaque’

Unveiling will take place at Greenwich Dance Hall on March 23

The venue where Squeeze played their very first gig is to get its own unique ‘blue plaque’.

In a scheme set up by the Performance Rights Society For Music, the plaque will be placed at Greenwich Dance Hall to commemorate the group’s first show in 1975.

Band members Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford will be present at the unveiling ceremony, which takes place on March 23 at 2.30pm (GMT).


“It’s a pleasure to return to the place where we performed as Squeeze way back in 1975,” Tilbrook explained. “I still buy my cheese just up the road.”

Squeeze aren’t the first in scheme to be recognised with a ‘blue plaque’, with Dire Straits, Jethro Tull and Blur already receiving the honour.

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