Squid share “freaky” animated video for ‘Pamphlets’

Directed by German artist Raman Djafari

Squid have shared a new music video for ‘Pamphlets’, the final single released from their debut studio album ‘Bright Green Field’.

German illustrator and visual artist Raman Djafari directed the video, marking his first collaboration with the band. The clip follows a sinister devil-horned figure as it transcends into an alternate dimension via its washing machine.

Watch the video for ‘Pamphlets’ below:


“When planning the music videos for this album, we wanted to make sure we covered a few different mediums,” the band said in a statement. “We’re super happy to have a freaky animation ticked off the list.”

In a separate statement, director Djafari explained that the video was intended to be “a meditation on the feeling of being unfit, unlovable [and] not compatible,” as well as “the manic anxiety and stress that this results in.”

“I wanted to explore a state of mind that I have found myself in many times – of fearing to go outside and being confronted with everything that one cannot love about themselves,” he said.

“This is a video that relates to my own experiences as well as it is a solidarisation [sic] with everyone that has been made to feel this way.”


Squid released ‘Bright Green Field’ on May 7. In a five-star review of the record, NME described it as “uncompromising debut that fulfils every ounce of the band’s potential.”

“From their very earliest material, it was clear to tell that Squid would only be able to truly fulfil their potential when given the canvas of an album,” the review read.

“On ‘Bright Green Field’, in all of its weird, frantic and fantastic glory, they’ve gone above and beyond.”

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