This funk track is perfect for people obsessed with Sriracha

"Sriracha is the bomb."

A funk track in ode to Sriracha hot sauce has dropped on Soundcloud, and it’s actually a banger.

Written by Los Angeles based electro-pop musician Bo Haan, ‘Racha’ allows you to express your love for the hot stuff in dance form, using samples from the pant heavy Prince track, ‘Sexy Dancer’.



Haan was inspired to write the track during a trip round the supermarket, whilst admiring a bottle of Sriracha.

“[I] was just looking at a bottle of Sriracha thinking ‘Sriracha is the bomb – looks attractive, it’s spicy, bold, flavorful, not bland, versatile, and makes me SWEAT, lightheaded, and feel all tingly,” said Haan.

He then recorded the song on his phone on the way home before producing and recording ‘Racha’ a few days later.

Listen to ‘Racha’ below:


Between pants, Haan sings: “I call you ‘Racha’, ‘cos you’re so hot/You got that spice, and it feels so nice.

“Don’t gimme that sweet lovey dovey shit, just make me sweat,” he continues.

Whilst it’s unlikely anyone will write a track about Greggs sausage rolls any time soon, ‘Racha’ certainly proves why love is the best inspiration for art.