'Places To Visit' a precursor for next album proper in May...

SAINT ETIENNE release a mini-album called ‘PLACES TO VISIT’ on January 28 followed by a full length album in May.

The mini-album was previously only available through Sub Pop in the US, Bungalow have secured the rights for a worldwide vinyl release.

This new version features the six tracks on the American record plus one brand-new song called ‘Garage For Gunther’. Another track, ’52 Pilot’, was mixed by SEAN O’HAGAN from THE HIGH LLAMAS while TROUSER ENTHUSIAST mixed the song ‘WE’RE IN THE CITY’.

Saint Etienne are currently completing their next full album, ‘The Sound Of Water’, which is scheduled for a May release through Mantra.

Bob Stanley described the record as “probably closest to ‘Tiger Bay’ or ‘So Tough’ in spirit. It’s not really a singles album.”

‘The Sound Of Water’ will feature contributions from German electronic band TO ROCOCCO ROT and will be preceeded by a single, ‘HOW WE USED TO LIVE’ in early March. This will be remixed by PAUL VAN DYKE, ALM and DOT ALLISON. Stanley commented: “It’s quite epic. It’s our ‘Paranoid Android’!”