St Vincent and security guard hurt after singer falls from speaker stack at gig – watch

Annie Clark says a member of the venue staff in Knoxville 'likely saved her life'

St Vincent suffered minor injuries following a fall from a speaker stack at one of her recent shows.

The singer – real name Annie Clark – performed at the Tennessee Theater in Knoxville, Tennessee on Sunday night (May 31), where she climbed from the stage to the top speaker during one of her songs. However, Clark suffered a fall, bringing a speaker down with her and on top of a security guard working at the venue.

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Clark later tweeted: “Patrick, security guard at Tennessee Theater in Knoxville, likely saved my life tonight… More importantly, Patrick is also ok. Thank god.” She also described the security guard, Patrick Green, as a “prince” for his actions.

Green, who suffered a facial cut but said he was “a little swollen but no headaches”, described the incident on Twitter, writing: “[Clark] was climbing the speaker stack during the show and the top speaker came down. I was under her and manage to push her… onto the stage with one hand and I tried to block the speaker with the other. I caught the corner of the speaker to my eyebrow. I’m just glad she’s ok.”

St Vincent is reported to have finished the show, later uploading a photo of her bandaged arm to Instagram. It is not yet known whether any future tour dates will be affected.

Watch the incident below and see photos.


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