St Vincent covers The Rolling Stones’ ‘Emotional Rescue’ – listen

Annie Clark's latest cover version is taken from the movie 'A Bigger Splash', out today

St Vincent has revealed her cover of The Rolling Stone’s ‘Emotional Rescue, recorded for the soundtrack to the movie ‘A Bigger Splash’, which is out today (February 12) in the UK.

Described as an ‘erotic thriller’ and loosely inspired by ‘La Piscine’, ‘A Bigger Splash’ tells the story of Marianne Lane (played by Tilda Swinton) and her filmmaker boyfriend (Matthias Schoenaerts) holidaying on an Italian island. It also features Dakota Johnson and Ralph Fiennes.

The movie has already won an award for its music, taking the Soundtrack Stars Award at the 2015 Venice International Film Festival. It’s directed by Luca Guadagnino.


Listen to the cover via YouTube, below:

St Vincent recently spent time moonlighting as a waitress at her sister’s Mexican restaurant, and later talked about the ‘real rush‘ of the experience.

She said:”I had just flown in and went to the restaurant to hang out and see what the vibe was like. When it started getting busy, it was just a case of, we saw tables that needed to be cleared, so I got a towel, and got to work. Amy and I are both pretty Type-A, get-it-done people. In addition to now owning a restaurant, [Amy] has a whole other career as a high-powered sales executive. I dislike disorder; it would’ve been egregious to just sit there when it was so busy.”

Clark suggested that the feeling of “family duty” played its part in convincing her to help out: “Family’s family, and you help out family, but if I didn’t love and believe in the concept, I might not have been there at the opening or helped out. It’s not just familial duty; it’s an actual deep belief in what they’re doing.”

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