St. Vincent announces ‘Masseduction’ remix album curated by Nina Kraviz

Hear the Russian DJ take on ‘New York’ now

St. Vincent’s record ‘Masseduction’ is getting a remix album, curated by Russian DJ Nina Kraviz, out in December.

‘Nina Kraviz Presents Masseduction Rewired’ presents 21 tracks, all remixes of the 13 songs from Annie Clark’s 2017 album, plus ‘Fast Slow Disco’, which is the sped-up version of album cut ‘Slow Disco’ released last year.

DJs and electronic musicians Kraviz tapped to rework ‘Masseduction’ include Laurel Halo, Jlin, Fred P, Mala and Midland. The roster of remixers also includes artists from Kraviz’s own label, трип (pronounced ‘trip’), such as PTU, buttechno and Roma Zuckerman, Resident Advisor reports.


Kraviz also contributed a vocal mix of ‘New York’, a ‘dubbed out’ mix of ‘New York’ in collaboration with Lucy, and a ‘gabber me gently’ remix of ‘Slow Disco’. Hear the first, haunting track below:

The remix album arrives December 13 via Loma Vista. It will also be released in an eight-track vinyl LP format, and as three vinyl EPs.

The tracklist for ‘Nina Kraviz Presents Masseduction Rewired’ is:

1. ‘Hang On Me’ (Batu Remix)
2. ‘Pills’ (Bjarki Remix)
3. ‘Pills’ (Population One Remix)
4. ‘Pills’ (PTU Remix)
5. ‘Masseduction’ (Midland’s Mass Seduction Remix)
6. ‘Sugarboy’ (Emika Allegiance Remix)
7. ‘Sugarboy’ (ChicagoPhonic Sound System) Remix By Hieroglyphic Being
8. ‘Los Ageless’ (EOD Remix)
9. ‘Happy Birthday Johnny’ (Fred P Remix)
10. ‘Savior’ (Buttechno Remix)
11. ‘New York’ (Nina Kraviz Vocal Mix)
12. ‘New York’ (Nina Kraviz x Lucy Dubbed Out Mix)
13. ‘Fear The Future’ (PTU Remix)
14. ‘Young Lover’ (Laurel Halo Remix)
15. ‘Young Lover’ (Roma Zuckerman Remix)
16. ‘Dancing With A Ghost’ (Pearson Sound Remix)
17. ‘Slow Disco’ (EOD Remix)
18. ‘Slow Disco’ (Nina Kraviz Gabber Me Gently Remix)
19. ‘Smoking Section’ (Jlin Remix)
20. ‘Smoking Section’ (Mala Remix)
21. ‘Fast Slow Disco’ (Steffi Remix)

This is the second time ‘Masseduction’ has been reworked in its entirety: Last year, St. Vincent released ‘MassEducation’, an album of stripped-down, piano-led versions.


More recently, Annie Clark dropped by Trans-Pecos Festival in Texas to cover Joni Mitchell’s ‘Coyote’, and was credited on the song ‘Cruel Summer’ from Taylor Swift’s latest album, ‘Lover’. She also appeared in the video for ‘Half Love’ by Red Hearse, the trio which includes Jack Antonoff, the co-producer of ‘Masseduction’.

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