St. Vincent shares essay to celebrate 10th anniversary of ‘Actor’

The musician detailed the process of making her second record as it reached the milestone.

St. Vincent’s Annie Clark has shared an essay to mark the 10th anniversary of her album ‘Actor’.

The record was released on May 4, 2009, but the musician was only alerted to the milestone by fans online.

In a lengthy post, Clark reflected on the making of the record and the struggles she went through to get it finished. “I remember having deep and lengthy conversations about 80’s 4AD and Tones on Tail and late Scott Walker records (the Mussolini and beating meat stuff!) with a producer whose work I admired and decided to work with and who convinced me to work on tape,” she wrote.


But the sessions didn’t work so Clark ditched the “idealist-cum-emotional-fascist” producer and took the reels of tape to her friend Johnny C instead, who helped her rework the songs and make the album what it is.

“I haven’t listened to that record in a while,” the musician said later. “I have always likened listening to older work to looking at junior high year book photos. If one is lucky, one can muster compassion for one’s younger self. Recognise that time is elastic. Notes are elastic. Lyrics elastic. Could have been anything.

“Any songs, any ideas at all, anyone at that time. But it was those songs and those ideas and that process and that person. And I am (humbly) proud of it. And so happy that ‘Actor’ made it to the ears and hearts it did.” You can read the full post above.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed last month that Clark and Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein have written a comedy concert film together, which will see the pair portray exaggerated versions of themselves.

It is the second project Clark and Brownstein are currently collaborating on, with the St Vincent star producing Sleater-Kinney’s upcoming new album.