St Vincent’s Annie Clark: ‘2016 was like the Earth was like, ‘Let’s purge the Earth of geniuses”

The musician has spoken about the loss of heroes, from David Bowie and Prince to personal heroes, and their impact on her song 'New York'

St Vincent‘s Annie Clark has spoken about the loss of so many heroes in 2016 and they’re effect on her new song ‘New York’.

The New York-based musician released the track earlier this year, ahead of her highly-anticipated new album, which is expected to be released before 2017 is out.

Dissecting the track for Song Exploder, she discussed the lyric “I have lost a hero”, describing it as being about “our collective heroes” but also being “very personal”. Listen to her analysis below.

Song Exploder: ST. VINCENT by Hrishikesh Hirway – Annie Clark grew up in Texas, studied the guitar, and moved to New York in the mid-2000s. She started recording and performing under the name St Vincent in 2006. She’s released five albums, and won a Grammy for Best Alternative Album in 2014.

She explained: “2016 was like the Earth was like, ‘Let’s purge the Earth of geniuses.’ It’s very silly to make something like David Bowie’s death about me. I mean, it has nothing to do with me, but I will say I was really affected and I cried – I cried for somebody I didn’t even know. I don’t know if I’ve done that before.

“A lot of peopler were affected by his death. [It was like], ‘You can’t die.’ And then Prince a few months later, and then Leonard Cohen. It was just like, ‘What in the world is going on?’ But [the song isn’t] just about our big heroes.”

Earlier today, it was announced that Clark is set to direct a new, female-led film adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s classic novel The Picture Of Dorian Gray.

She has sat in the director’s seat once before. Earlier this year, her short movie Birthday Party premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival as part of the female-focused XX horror anthology. Clark directed, co-wrote and scored Birthday Party.

Variety reports David Birke (Elle, Slender Man) will write the script for the new version of The Picture Of Dorian Gray, which will reimagine the titular character as a woman.