The Limp Bizkit frontman is working on the promo for 'It's Been A While'...

FRED DURST is directing the video for STAIND’s next single, ‘IT’S BEEN AWHILE’.

According to [url=]www.mtv.com, the Limp Bizkit frontman will shoot the video with the band in Los Angeles today (March 9) and tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Staind have apologised to fans in Florida for cancelling their support slot with Godsmack at Orlando Hard Rock Live tonight and tomorrow so that they could film the video for the single, the first to be lifted from their ‘Break The Cycle’ album.


Speaking on their official website – [url=]www.staind.com – guitarist Mike Mushok said: “Hey there, there’s really no other reason than we have to make a video and we weren’t able to do it before the tour started because we were trying to finish the record.

“The Orlando shows were the best for us not to do because we’ll be playing again in Orlando at the end of April (29) at the WJRR (radio station) show. We hate cancelling shows, but we really have no choice, the video has to get done. On behalf of the band, I apologise to the people who wanted to see us, but we’ll be back in about six weeks or so. We’ll catch ya then. Sorry!”

Cold, Systematic and Godsmack will play this week’s Orlando shows as planned.

Durst – who performed a duet with Staind singer Aaron Lewis on their track ‘Outside’ live – has previously directed the band’s ‘Home’ video. The video for ‘It’s Been Awhile’ is expected to be finished around mid-March, when the song will be released to radio in the US.

The album ‘Break The Cycle’, the follow-up to their 1999 debut ‘Dysfunction’, was originally slated for release in March, but is now expected on May 8.