“Stand up for equality”: Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds calls on religious leaders to condemn conversion therapy

"I plead with our religious leaders across the world to stand up for equality together."

Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds has called on religious leaders to denounce so-called conversion therapies and instead promote greater tolerance of LGBT children.

Reynolds is an outspoken supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and fronted the 2017 documentary Believer – which explored how the LGBTQ+ are treated by his own Mormon faith.

Posting on Twitter yesterday, Reynolds called for religious leaders to “stand up for equality”.


“I plead with our religious leaders across the world to stand up for equality together. true equality – not empty words of love – but statements and actions thats show our LGBTQ youth that they are “sinless” and perfect just as they are,” he wrote.

“Until these changes are made within the doctrines of orthodox faith, we will continue to see increased rates of suicidality and depression/anxiety amongst our LGBTQ youth.”


Reynolds added: “It is a false notion that LGBTQ youth are more likely to have emotional vulnerabilities because of who they are/how their brains are programmed.

“The truth is that the leaders of our communities have created societal rules that leave no room for our LGBTQ youth to be healthy.”

Denouncing conversion therapy, Reynolds warned that a lack of tolerance could result in a “great exodus” from faith groups.

“Until the leaders of all orthodox faiths denounce conversion therapy and accept our LGBTQ youth into full fellowship I believe we will continue to see a great exodus from all orthodox faith,” he explained.

“We are not a generation that will stand for intolerance, homophobia or racism.”

“How many more children will be lose before we practice true love in our churches?” he added.

Reynolds’ impassioned plea comes after an unexpected war of words with Slipknot’s Corey Taylor last month.

Taylor claimed that Imagine Dragons had overtaken Nickelback as “the worst band in the world”.

In response, Reynolds said that Taylor’s words were “Not what I would call ‘fair criticism’ but actual click-bait horse s–t.”


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