And they've recorded part of their debut LP in their mate's studio...

After a furious bidding war THE STANDS have signed a record deal with ECHO – and have recorded part of their album at NOEL GALLAGHER’s studio.

The group’s currently untitled debut album has just been finished, and will be preceded by first single ‘She Speaks Of These Things’ on July 21.

The Manchester band decided to record in the shortest time possible at Olympic Studios and Abbey Road in London, and, like The Bandits before them, had a stint at Noel’s studio. The whole thing was completed in just a couple of weeks.


The band’s connection with Oasis is more than just professional – singer/ songwriter Howie Paine and Noel have been mates for a while, with Gallagher turning up to their early shows and bigging them up in interviews.

“We’re friends. It’s very flattering that they’ve taken us under their wing,” said Payne of Oasis. “In the studio, if you’re worried that you’re going too far – they’re there to say ‘Go for it.”

Gallagher also promised to help out the band if they couldn’t get the record deal they wanted, which was declined by The Stands. After a frantic deal they opted for to become labelmates with the likes of Feeder at Echo.

“We are very much of the attitude that this is the way we wanna do it, and this is how it is, but it’s nice to have the Oasis guys there to look over it while we’re following our instincts,” Howie said.

The debut album from The Stands is due to be released on September 22, and their unconfirmed second single will be out on September 8, both via Echo.

The band, Payne, guitarist Luke Thomson, bassist Steve Pilgrim and drummer Dean Ravera, are about to embark on a UK tour with [a][/a].