Starsailor begin work on new album

They demo three new songs

Starsailor have begun work on their new album.

The band have begun recording demos for the follow up to 2005’s ’On The Outside’.

Posting on their Myspace blog frontman James Walsh wrote:

“We have completed another set of demos in Henley which produced 3 new songs. The one which everyone is raving about is called ‘Lights Out’ or ‘Tell Me It’s Not Over’ (we haven’t decided yet!).

“It’s got a massive drum beat, reminiscent of Doves and U2. Another couple of these and we will have a truly great album.”

In an earlier post the band said that they had written 15 songs for the album, and demoed the songs ’Let Go’, ’Do You Believe In Love?’, ’Won’t Stop Now’ and ’Change My Mind’.

A release date has not been announced.