Chris Martin and Johnny Buckland turn up to cheer their pals on in Boston...

Starsailor started their first major US tour last night in BOSTON with members of

Coldplay looking on.

Vocalist Chris Martin and guitarist Johnny Buckland, who were in town playing a Holiday radio concert, watched on as Starsailor showcased their album, ‘Love is Here’, to a smitten crowd.

The audience were treated to lushly rendered versions of ‘Poor Misguided Fool’ and ‘Fever’, as well as a solo acoustic version of ‘Coming Down’ and a cover Elton John‘s ‘Rocket Man’, by frontman James Walsh.

Although ‘Love is Here’ is not to be released in the US until January 2002, Walsh was clearly chuffed to find some of the crowd was already familiar with the songs, saying, &quotIt’s good to see people up front who know the words,” and joking, &quotDid you get it off the Internet? Good work.”

Other than one member of the audience, who Walsh scolded, for implying his group sounded like fellow northerners The Verve, the set was met with enthusiastic applause, the biggest being for the closing to their encoreless set – an epic and anthemic ‘Good Souls’ followed by a glowing version of ‘Tie Up my Hands’.

The set in full was: ‘Alcoholic’

‘Poor Misguided Fool’


‘Way to Fall’

‘Coming Down/Rocket Man’

‘She Just Wept’


‘Love is Here’

‘Good Souls’

‘Tie Up my Hands’

Starsailor complete their US jaunt in New York on December 10 and are scheduled to return in January in support of Charlatans. Following that, they will return to the UK for a headlining tour in spring.