That's Peter Kay's 'Phoenix Nights' comedy programme...

STARSAILOR and U2 frontman BONO are being lined up to make an appearance on comedian PETER KAY’s ‘PHOENIX NIGHTS’.

Kay met Bono and Starsailor at last week’s NME Carling Awards in east London and, after a short discussion, asked them to appear on the next series of the show, based on a fictional nightclub in Bolton.

Speaking to NME.COM last week, Starsailor bassist James Stellfox said: “We just met him the other day, we’re all massive fans of his, we’ve been watching him since day one really.

“He was just a really top chap. We were laughing and he was telling gags and that and we were all just absolutely pissing ourselves and he said ‘Oh, you’ll have to come on my show’ and we said that we’d love to.

“We’d probably be playing live, but really badly because he has really bad bands on at the end every night. It’s going to be fun, I just hope it comes off.”