Status Quo duo say they like Haim and Taylor Swift but have never heard of Royal Blood

Guitarists Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt also discuss John Lydon being a fan of their band

Status Quo have said they have “never heard” of Royal Blood but backed Haim and Taylor Swift as two of their current favourite artists.

The revelation came as Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt took part in a live webchat with The Guardian following the release of their 31st studio album earlier today (October 20).

The duo touched upon a number of topics in the webchat, including their favourite biscuits, disagreements with Paul Weller and Rod Stewart being “one of the lads”. They also spoke about their thoughts on contemporary bands and singers.


“Who are Royal Blood?” Rossi asked of the Brighton band. “The last thing I heard that people liked were some American band that I can’t remember the name of… Fall Out Boy… I thought they were tremendous.”

Rossi continued that while it’s harder these days to keep track of new music, he usually is introduced to rising acts by those closest to him. “Generally unless a band has been around for five years and has a profile, I don’t know them,” he continued. “But I do like Haim. One of our sons was at Reading the year before and so I watched them on telly and I think they’re great.”

“I also find Taylor Swift great. She’s marvellous. I like women.”

Rossi and Parfitt also responded to the recent news that former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon is a fan of their band. “Johnny Rotten? Yes we did know that. Somebody told us that they’d heard an interview with him and he was talking about us. We kind of bypassed one another in the 80s. We were everything the punks were against. It’s funny how age does that… We do admire John Lydon, we’ve got a lot of respect for him these days. He’s one of the few people who says what he feels.”

Status Quo released ‘Aquostic (Stripped Bare)’ last week (October 17). Read the rest of the band’s Guardian webchat.