STAYC head to the forest in ‘Beautiful Monster’ music video

Their new single album ‘We Need Love’ is out now

STAYC have unveiled their music video for ‘Beautiful Monster’, the lead single of the K-pop girl group’s new single album ‘We Need Love’.

In the new visual, STAYC long for attention from a lover, waiting by their phones for calls and texts. Later, the girl group gather around a campfire as vocalist Seeun strums an acoustic guitar, singing along to the new track as each of them are plagued by colourful animated monsters.

Yes I know, yeah / You’re a beautiful monster / You hurt me and then you heal me,” sings main vocalist Yoon in the chorus.


‘Beautiful Monster’ acts as the title track for STAYC’s newly-released single album ‘We Need Love’, which comprises a total of four tracks, including ‘I Like It’, ‘Love’ and a TAK remix of the girl group’s previous title track ‘RUN2U’, taken from their February mini-album ‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’.

All four tracks on ‘We Need Love’ were written and composed by hitmakers Black Eyed Pilseung, frequent STAYC collaborator Jeon Goon, and producers Rado and Flyt. Black Eyed Pilseung are also executives at STAYC’s music label High Up Entertainment.

In a previously released behind-the-scenes video for ‘We Need Love’, STAYC opened up about their experiences recording for the new project, saying it felt “different” compared to their previous material. “I don’t think idol music can be defined as a genre, but it felt less like idol music,” said Sieun. “I really liked that about it.”

In a four-star review of that recordNME’s Angela Patricia Suacillo praised ‘YOUNG-LUV.COM’ as “a mature, ambitious return that ups the ante” and proves “that STAYC have the mettle to continue pushing the envelope with every record they put out, while not having to completely reinvent themselves every time”.

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