Hear STAYC’s groovy cover of Doja Cat and SZA’s ‘Kiss Me More’

The girl group also dropped a fierce dance cover

Rookie K-pop act STAYC have released a groovy cover of Doja Cat and SZA’s latest collaboration, ‘Kiss Me More’.

The girl group stayed mostly faithful to the original’s funky disco-inspired pop sound, with minor tweaks to the lyrics. Instead, the six-member group used the cover as a chance to showcase their vocals and rap skills.

Fuckin’ with you feel like jail, baby / I can’t even exhale, baby / Pussy like holy grail, you know that / You gon’ make me need bail, you know that,” J sings on the third verse, originally by SZA.


Their cover of ‘Kiss Me More’ also dropped alongside a fierce dance cover. However, member Isa does not join the group for the dance video for currently unknown reasons, even though her vocals are heard on the song.

Doja Cat and SZA released ‘Kiss Me More’ in April alongside a sensual sci-fi music video that co-starred actor Alex Landi of Grey’s Anatomy fame. The song was Doja Cat’s first new song as a lead artist in over a year, following the release of ‘Boss Bitch’ in January 2020.

The duo performed ‘Kiss Me More’ for the first time last month at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, where Doja Cat also took home the award for Top R&B Female Artist. Prior to that, the singer-rapper had teamed up with K-pop singer Jamie and Japanese rapper Chanmina on a new remix of ‘Best Friend’, her collaboration with Saweetie.

Meanwhile, STAYC recently made their return with their sophomore album ‘STAYDOM’ and was released alongside a video for the title track ‘ASAP’. The project also included two other songs, ‘So What’ and ‘Love Fool’, plus a TAK remix of their breakout debut single ‘So Bad’, which they released last year.

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