Watch STAYC’s charming music video for new single ‘Stereotype’

Their first-ever mini-album ‘Stereotype’ is out now

Rookie K-pop girl group STAYC have returned with a bubbly music video for their new single, ‘Stereotype’.

‘Stereotype’ is the title track of the group’s first-ever mini-album of the same name. The project also features three other songs, all of which written by Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Goon, and arranged by Rado. Black Eye Pilseung are known for working on hits such as TWICE’s ‘Fancy’ and Chung Ha’s ‘Gotta Go’.

STAYC greet viewers at the beginning of the high-spirited visual with their signature catchphrase: “STAYC girls, it’s going down”. Set in a high school, the rest of the video sees the girl group cycling through a series of different looks — from cheerleading outfits to over-the-top dresses — while declaring that they will not be judged based on appearances.


Oh, my undecorated self / Oh, the way I am / Please like me, I’m still tender / I want you to know that,” they confess in the bridge of the bubbly new track.

Prior to its release, STAYC had previewed the choreography for ‘Stereotype’ on TikTok with their new challenge. Their breakout single ‘ASAP’, which released in April, had previously gone viral after its accompanying dance gained popularity on the app.


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♬ 색안경 (STEREOTYPE) – STAYC(스테이씨)


‘STEREOTYPE’ is STAYC’s first-ever mini-album, and also the follow-up to their two highly-successful single albums ‘STAYDOM’ and ‘Star To A Young Culture’. The former, which arrived earlier in April, featured the group’s breakout title track ‘ASAP’.


‘Staydom’, released in April this year, was awarded four stars in a review by NME’s Sofiana Ramli, who described the record as “a hopeful preview of STAYC’s future”.

She added: “While STAYC might playfully declare things are “going down” in their slogan, ‘STAYDOM’ proves otherwise, because it’s only up from here on for the girl group”.