Watch Stefflon Don break up with Sterling the peacock in hilarious comedy skit

"See what I mean with the disrespect? See what I mean with these guys?

Stefflon Don has posted a video on Instagram in which she appears to break up with a peacock who’s apparently called Sterling.

The rapper is known to use Instagram to post funny videos that reveal a more goofy side to her often immaculate music videos.

Her latest skit involves a male peacock that she berates for ignoring her. Thanks to Stefflon Don’s impressive acting skills, the act manages to be pretty realistic.


“So you’re just gonna ignore my calls, you’re just gonna act like I ain’t even calling you?” Stefflon says as she faces the peacock on a wall. “So what, you can’t talk no more? I’ve been ringing your phone and you ain’t even answering it.”

You can watch the full interaction below:

Throughout their altercation, the peacock appears to show no emotion, as if he had never met Steff before. When he finally looks away, the rapper turns to camera, exasperated, and says: “See what I mean with the disrespect? See what I mean with these guys?”

When the pair finally decide to part ways, Steff manages to get the last word, saying: “It’s alright, it’s 2019, I don’t need you. Fuck boi 3, yeah, just walk off, fuck off. Fool, bye!

“Look at me, he’s gonna be losing this. His loss.”


Stefflon Don is currently in Ghana where she attended The New Africa Nation conference and volunteered at Fuse ODG’s school, alongside presenter Reggie Yates and singer Raye.

The Clapton rapper then followed the original post with two candid snaps of her and Sterling the peacock in a deep conversation.

Her lengthy post explained that they had discussed their relationship, and that “even tho he can’t talk he told mad lies with his body language”.

Later, she added some advice to fans: “Make sure you find the person/bird who treats you like u deserve to be treated and make sure you treat em good [too].

“We don’t have forever on this earth be someone’s peace being in love is beautiful but being respected is EVERYTHING! ❤ bye sterling you had a good one ?✌?”

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