Stefflon Don discusses past accusations of colourism: ‘I didn’t know I was light-skinned until that tweet came out’

The rapper and singer has been accused of colourism in the past due to a now-deleted tweet

Stefflon Don has discussed old accusations of colourism that have been levelled against her in a new interview.

Earlier this year, the rapper and singer was criticised for a since-deleted tweet that called out “dark-skinned” women for “hating on light-skinned” women, and suggested: “Don’t act like if god gave you a chance you wouldn’t change your colour.”

Speaking to Julie Adenuga on Beats 1, Stefflon Don said: “Do you know what, I’m black and I didn’t know – I’m gonna be honest with you – I didn’t know I was light-skinned until that tweet come out. I didn’t know we were separated – all I know is we’re together.


“I was looking at that tweet like, ‘That’s not something I would say,'” she continued. “Like, ‘What is this? I didn’t remember it’, and then I spoke to my friend and she was like, ‘Steff, do you remember when we had that argument with that girl in the club? and she was like, ‘Aaah you light-skinned girls always think you’re nice.’

She added: “And I was like, ‘She just wants to be me’, and I said the colour thing. So it was like a personal thing to someone else, but it wasn’t directed to everyone. I didn’t understand how everything affects a dark-skinned person, if they’re feeling a certain type of way. I didn’t know the affect it would have. I’ve never experienced that or heard any of my dark-skinned friends say, ‘I’ve experienced this.'”

The star went on to acknowledge that colourism is a problem in the wider world. “Obviously, come on, we know there’s colourism out in the world and out in the media, but, between us, I’ve never had that,” she said. Watch the interview above.

Earlier this year, Stefflon Don discussed her recent mixtape ‘Secure’ with NME. “It’s a bit turnt, but it’s also very meaningful with the stuff that we talk about on the track,” she said of the song ‘What You Want’, which features rapper Future.


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