Stellastarr* return to action with low key tour

The band play UK dates ahead of next year’s album

Stellastarr** are preparing for the release of their new album with a short UK tour.

The band whose ‘Harmonies For The Haunted’ comes out on February 20 next year, will play several dates at the end of this month.

Stellastarr** recently returned to live action in their native New York, having taken an extended break since their eponymous debut album.

Frontman Shawn Christensen explained: “A year and a half of touring left me stifled, and I needed a rest.”

They now play the following UK dates:

London Metro (Nov 29)

Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire (30)

Manchester Late Room (Dec 1)

London Koko Club NME (2)

For ticket availability, go to NME Tickets or call them on 0870 1 663 663.

Their album meanwhile was produced by Rick Rubin’s engineer David Schiffman and sees the group move into darker territory, according to the band.

Shawn’s lyrics evolved into this slivered vision that runs through the songs, the disappointment about things crumbling and falling apart,” explained guitarist Michael Jurin.

‘Harmonies For The Haunted’ will feature the following songs:

‘Lost In Time’

‘Damn This Foolish Heart’

‘The Diver’

‘Sweet Troubled Soul’

‘Born In A Flea Market’

‘On My Own’

‘When I Disappear’

‘Love And Longing’

‘Stay Entertained’

‘Island Lost At Sea’

‘Sweet Troubled Soul’ will be released as a single on February 13.