Stephen Malkmus: “I was trying to write like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry”

The singer also goes on to express his support of Joanna Gruesome and Parquet Courts

Stephen Malkmus has claimed that some of the lyrics to new track ‘Lariat’ are influenced by him trying to write like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

In a recent interview, the former Pavement frontman was asked about the significance of the line “we grew up listening to the music of the best decade ever”, to which Malkmus replies that the lyric was influenced by him “trying to write something that Taylor Swift would write, or maybe even more Katy Perry.” Malkmus continues: “I was thinking in wide ways. For me I’m a seventies guy, and sometimes when you’re in your early adolescence or when the chicks are just a little older, and kind of out of your reach, they’re the ones you sort of like at that young age. Seventies chicks and seventies rock.”

Elsewhere in the Billboard interview, which was conducted following the release of Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks’ latest album ‘Wig Out at Jagbags’, the singer revealed his love of Radar favourites Parquet Courts and Joanna Gruesome, as well as more established artists such as Kurt Vile, before going on to discuss his views on social media. “I’m more of a YouTube guy myself. That’s what I use to listen and how I hear things,” Malkmus stated when asked for his opinions on streaming services. “It’s way better than Twitter or Facebook. Twitter’s just words and the most generic programming. I can’t believe it’s worth anything. That’s Silicon Valley trying to advance us with a basic thing like white bread.”

Malkmus also recently hit out at Spotify, expressing his disdain for the service and calling it “evil”. He did, however, then go on to elaborate on the hypocritical nature of his thoughts, adding “I think it sucks. That doesn’t mean my music isn’t on there, though. I’m against a lot of things that I do in life, and I still do them, so there’s a lot of self-deception in all our lives. At least in the life of an unprincipled musician.”

‘Wig Out at Jagbags’ is out now on Domino.