Winner picked for Stephen Malkmus’ blowjob contest

Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks' 'Senator' single is now radio-friendly

A winner has been chosen in the contest to help Stephen Malkmus find a radio-friendly replacement for the word ‘blowjob’, which features in the forthcoming single from Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks, ‘Senator’.

Running an online competition, fans were invited to suggest a new word which could fit into the line of the song: “I know what the senator wants – what the senator wants is a blowjob”.

On Tuesday (August 23), Pavement frontman Malkmus revealed the winning entry to be ‘corn dog’ during a show at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles. He went on to say that it was chosen as 1980s hardcore band Minutemen sometimes called themselves ‘corn dogs’, reports Pitchfork.

The person who came up with the winning entry, will receive a special seven-inch of the single, with their version on one side and the original track on the other, specially made by the band’s record label Matador.

‘Senator’ is taken from The Jicks‘ fifth album, ‘Mirror Traffic’, which was produced by Beck and was released at the start of this week.

Of the new album, Malkmus says:

This record is relatively approachable. Beck and I were both burned out on the heavy rocking style, and playing to the strengths of a melody seemed like a way to go.