The promo for the band's cover of 'Chain Reaction' features older nurses, pregnant women and a wheelchair-bound hippy...

STEPS are to release a cover version of DIANA ROSS’ chart-topping ‘CHAIN REACTION’ as their next single in September.

And the band have a bizarre video lined up which is to be set in a hospital!

The band, who also release their greatest hits album in September, are currently in rehearsals for the video shoot in the middle of next week.

And NME.COM has learned that they are today auditioning in London for a cast which will feature older nurses, pregnant women, two people in wheelchairs, one of whom is a hippy, and various people on crutches. There will be scenes set in the hospital’s waiting room and patients being tended by nurses.

The video for the original – which went to Number One in January 1986 – showed the diva ina spangly red frock on a turning podium with lots of glitter, fireworks and explosions.

A source admitted: “It’s quite bizarre brief, especially considering the original video! Unfortunately I don’t think we’re going to see H in silver lame a la Diana Ross.”

However, he may yet appear in costume, as he has declared he would like to be the star of a West End show.

Speaking in the current issue of Smash Hits magazine, H said that although the band had no plans to split, he would like to persue acting in the future.

He said: “I’ve been offered the chance to play the lead in a West End musical, which is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid.”

Bandmember Lee Latchford-Evans also said he would also like to act in the future.

He commented: “I’d like to make a major movie. I’d love to do what Jennifer Lopez does – and have a musical career and be an actor. “

However, the rest of Steps said they would try to pursue solo careers if the band were ever to split.

Steps, who are to appear at the Mardi Gras gay and lesbian festival at Finsbury Park this weekend (June 30) plan to tour the UK later in the year.