The new duo admit they were miffed they didn't get to go to as many premieres as Faye and Lee...

Steps members H and CLAIRE have spoken on their decisions to reform as a duo.

As reported yesterday on NME.COM (January 27), Claire Richards and H (Ian Watkins) are to reform as a pair.

Steps announced their split on Boxing Day (December


26), ending months of speculation as to their future. The group sold over 12 million records and recently released their greatest hits album ‘Gold’.

Speaking in today’s The Sun newspaper, Claire said that towards the end of the group, the divisions became apparent.

She commented: “To those in the business it was always Claire and H together with Lisa, Faye and Lee elsewhere. They would go out to a premiere or something and we wouldn’t be invited.

“It got to the point when they knew we wouldn’t go anyway. You could see what was developing. I started asking, ‘Is it worth it? Is it worth putting yourself through this any more?'”.

The duo are on the brink of a major label deal. It is likely that H and Claire will debut their new material on a specially commissioned light entertainment show later this year.