"We're not racist..."

Steps have strongly denied an anti-fascist group’s accusations that they made “inflammatory” remarks concerning the UK‘s immigration policy during a newspaper interview.

In a brief statement to, the five-piece have said they were “horrified” by the Anti-Fascist Action group’s (AFA) accusation and that they were by no means racist.

The statement read:

Steps, both as a group and as individuals, are horrified at the implication by the AFA that they are racist. They deplore all forms of discrimination – racist, sexist or homophobic.

“The comments made in the Sunday Express were not intended to appear racist and Steps unreservedly apologise for any misunderstanding.”

As previously reported on, the AFA had called on the pop superstars to withdraw comments that had appeared in the Sunday Express on June 30, including “I think there should be more jobs for English people,” and “Why are we paying for all these people to come into the country anyway?” or, “attract the attention of anti-fascists”.

The AFA have yet to respond.