The pop sensations provoke fury after making "inflammatory and naove" comments about immigration in a newspaper article...

Pop sensations Steps have been condemned by an anti-fascist group for making “inflammatory and naove” remarks regarding Britain’s asylum seekers policy during an interview with a Sunday newspaper.

In the piece, printed in the UK‘s Sunday Express, Lee stated “I think there should be more jobs for English people,” while Claire asked “Why are we paying for all these people to come into the country anyway?”. In the interview Lisa also controversially called for the return of capital punishment.

Though the article ran three weeks ago on June 30, it is only now that the Anti-Fascist Action group (AFA) has blown the whistle on them.

The AFA issued a statement today (July 24) condemning the remarks saying:

“If the band are political innocents who have made the mistake of opening their mouths without thinking of the consequences, then we ask them to withdraw their comments. However, if this is a more studied political analysis we warn them that they will be likely to attract the attention of anti-fascists.”

A spokesperson for the band, currently the UK‘s biggest live earners, told he had spoken to them the day after the article ran and said they were “horrified” at how the remarks were represented. He said Lee had meant that British people of whatever ethnic origin should be of primary concern.

He added: “I’ve known Steps for three years and I can say for sure that they are not in any way racist. Whether or not they were caught out by clever questioning, I don’t know.”

Interesting, the spokesperson himself moved to condemn Lisa‘s call for a return of the death penalty.

He said: “Lisa‘s view on capital punishment was just her stating a personal opinion and while it may not have been really well thought out and not one that I would share, it probably echoes that of a lot of people in this country.”