The singer has said she is willing to work on an indie collaboration and is now just waiting for the band to get in contact with her...

STEPS‘ FAYE TOZER has responded to ALFIE’s offer of a collaboration, first announced weeks ago in NME, and it seems the unlikely pairing could be on – but only if ALFIE make the first move!

“I went to the NME Carling Awards and I sat on the same table with them,” Faye explains in the current issue of Sky magazine. “They were quoted in NME as saying, ‘We’d write with her.'” Though Faye made no comment at the time, she now says: “Nothing’s going to happen – unless they ask me.”

Tozer is still writing songs with boyfriend Jasper from indie act One, although those songs are unlikely to see the light of day. Faye explained that she records at home and “I do that stuff because of my own personal taste. I enjoy it but it’s not my job. My job is Steps – that’s my priority.”