The band's new single hits the Top 75 before it's officially released...

STEPS could set a new chart record this week by having one of the fastest-rising singles in the history of the Top 40, after ‘THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL’ reached Number 72 before it was officially released.

A spokesperson for the band told NME.COM that shops wanted stock of records that were being released yesterday (January 1) – including ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ – before Christmas to ensure they had stock in advance. “Everybody including us sent our records off to shops but a very small number have been selling this week’s records last week.

“Having sold, I think, 972 copies over the counter, it went Top 75 before it was even released.” But he said it was unlikely to have an impact on the single’s chart placing now that it is officially on the shelves, and it is expected to sprint into the Top Five this Sunday: “A lot of people are saying that it could go to Number One, but it would be nice to at least carry on our run of Top Five singles.”

He added that no one chain was responsible for the blunder. “We’ve had a look around and it seems to be the odd branch across the board. We say good luck to the fans if they got their hands on it a week early!”