The 'Connected' stars tell they promise to return with new album this year...

Stereo MC’s have revealed they are hoping to release the long-awaited follow up LP to 1992’s ‘Connected’ by the end of the year.

Speaking exclusively to in Los Angeles where the group wrapped up a DJing tour in support of the US release of their DJ Kicks remix album, helmsman Nick ‘The Head’ Hallam said the band have been in and out of the studio searching for a sound they feel is right.

“We’re just kind of working on music ’til we lock into what we do really,” Hallam explained.

Although they would like to see a release sometime this year, the band said they are not in a rush to cash in with the recent crossover successes afforded to hip-hop influenced electronica acts such as Moby and UNKLE.

Hallam said: “We’ve always sort of avoided what is going on and put our [own] records out.”

Since the release of their last album ‘Connected’ the band have been working on their own record label and publishing company as well as completing remixes for artists such as Ian Brown.

The last Stereo MCs original effort was the track ‘Flash’ which they recorded in 1998 for the soundtrack to the Uma Thurman/Ralph Fiennes starring flop flick ‘The Avengers’.