As the band get set to release a new LP after an eight-year absence,Rob Birch tells NME.COM they are hard at work on the follow-up...

STEREO MC’s have already started work on the follow up to their forthcoming album ‘DEEP DOWN & DIRTY’, NME.COM can reveal.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, frontman Rob Birch said that the band had various “simple sketches” of tracks, which will evolve in the coming months.

He said: “At the moment they’re very rough and simple sketches of songs, but maybe that’s a good thing in a way. It might be quite nice to do a record that was fucking rough as hell!


“The record company always try to put pressure on you or get you to follow a certain path, but it would be great to just get going and see where it takes us, y’know?”

Birch said that although the band will be working hard to promote ‘Deep Down & Dirty’, released in the UK on May 28, he was determined “to make a few gaps to work on new ideas”.

Reminded that Stereo MC’s have just had an almost nine-year hiatus from recording, Birch argued: “If we did the last album in nine months, there’s no reason why we can’t do the same thing again. We’re on a roll!”

In a separate interview, keyboard player Nick ‘The Head’ Hallam reinforced Birch’s statements, stressing: “Some bands like to rescue or recycle songs, but we actually threw away 60-70 ideas after finishing ‘Deep Down & Dirty’. It’s not that they weren’t any good either, we just wanted to be progressive and focus on moving forward. The ideas we’re working on now are all fresh material.”

The band continue their UK tour this evening (April 4) at the Manchester MDH, before playing further dates at Nottingham Social (5) and London Fabric (6). The band will then play a series of shows across Europe.

The band are also expected to confirm a full UK tour later in the year, and make appearances at several festivals throughout the summer.