Stereolab go on hiatus

The band's manager says there are "no plans" to record new material

Stereolab have announced they are going on hiatus.

Writing in a post on entitled ‘Hiatus/Sabbatical/Pause/Intermission/Breather’, the band’s manager Martin Pike said Stereolab have no plans to record new material in the near future.

He said: “As we recently made Number 51 with ‘Emperor Tomato Ketchup’ in the Amazon 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums Of All Time we feel that our work is done for the moment.

“We have had to cancel the last two shows that we were scheduled to play, apologies to all that had bought tickets, and there are no plans to record new tracks.”

He added that the band’s record label Duophonic will continue to release material, including a remastered version of Stereolab‘s back catalogue and a new ‘Switched On’ compilation.

He confirmed: “We are all going to have a bit of a rest now after nearly 19 years and work on a few other projects. The website will still be updated and discs released, but there won’t be any new Stereolab product for a while.”

In 2002, Stereolab member Mary Hansen was killed when she was knocked from her bike in London.