The band dedicate 'Step On My Old Size Nines' to those killed in the US terrorist attacks...

STEREOPHONICS performed a subdued Greatest Hits set at a low-key club show at the KING’S CROSS SCALA in LONDON last night (September 11).

The performance came only hours after the news of the terrorist activity in the United States – and as a result both the 600-capacity crowd and band were relatively mute.

The band, who performed their material in almost chronological order, dedicated the first song of the encore, ‘Step On My Old Size Nines’, to the US dead, with singer Kelly Jones confessing his concern for his friends in New York.


Strerophonics played: ‘Local Boy In The Photograph’

‘A Thousand Trees’

‘The Bartender And The Thief’

‘I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio’

‘Pick A Part That’s New’

‘Just Looking’


‘Have A Nice Day’

‘Mr Writer’

‘Step On My Old Size Nines’

‘Vegas Two Times’

The show, as well as this evening’s performance by the Manic Street Preachers, coincide with the 15th anniversary of Q Magazine.