Shame they had to employ a Mr Writer to write it for them. That must have hurt...

STEREOPHONICS frontman KELLY JONES put in an appearance at the launch party for the authorised biography of the band, ‘JUST ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO PRINT’, in LONDON last night.

Jones said he felt the book was a true and documentary-like portrayal of the band’s rise, though did add that some of the wilder stories had been toned down. When asked to reveal one of them he replied with a simple “no comment”.

The book tells the story of the Stereophonics from their early days in Cwmaman through to the present.

“It’s a fairytale rags-to-riches story and documents our backgrounds,” said Kelly. “We wanted to do the book because there was a lot of other books being written about us which were basically thrown together from a collection of music paper articles and so they were very inaccurate. This is as clear as it’s going to get.”

Radio 1’s Steve Lamacq was also in attendance at the O’Connor Don pub, alongside the book’s author Danny O’Connor.

‘Just Enough Evidence To Print’ is available now through Virgin Books.