Stuart Cable's face will be used on posters, beermats and stressballs with the slogan "check your nads, lads"...

STEREOPHONICS drummer STUART CABLE will be talking a load of bollocks on TV from Friday (March 15).

The drummer has just launched a new campaign to help fight testicular cancer, and his eye-catching commercials with the slogan “check your nads, lads” have already been aired on his local station, BBC Wales.

Stuart’s face will also be used on posters, and even beermats and stress-balls in a bid to get lads to protect their tackle.

He said: “I’ve never done this type of thing before, and I didn’t know what they’d want. I’m glad we’ve done it in a straight way. It’s in-yer-face, and it’s got to be done that way. It’ll grab attention, make people sit up.”

He added: “I know for a fact that most blokes don’t check themselves – they think ‘It’s never going to happen to me.’ I’ve got loads of mates and I don’t know anyone who’d walk into the pub saying ‘I checked my balls last night’. But it’s an important thing – check your nads lads.”

Stuart didn’t let on whether he’s persuaded band members Kelly Jones and Richard Jones to check their “nads”.

But he added: “If it’s the difference between life and death I don’t mind who’s got their hands on my bollocks. I know nobody wants to have some bloke at the doctors feeling your nads. But next time you’re in the bath or shower, check them out.”

The campaign is part of the BBC’s annual Social Action Week.