Sharon Osbourne lays into the Welsh trio for preventing Ozzfest from being held at Donington...

OZZY OSBOURNE‘s wife and manager SHARON has launched a withering broadside at STEREOPHONICS, accusing them of preventing OZZFEST and BLACK SABBATH from reclaiming CASTLE DONINGTON as “the home of metal”.

Speaking last night at the London premiere for ‘We Sold Our Souls For Rock And Roll’, a documentary detailing last year’s Ozzfest tour of the US, Osbourne explained what led to the decision to hold the British Ozzfest this year at the Milton Keynes Bowl.

“We had tried to to take it to Donington, to make it the home of metal again, but Stereo-whatever-the fuck-they’re-called have booked it,” she said. “And they have a clause in their fucking contract preventing anyone else from playing there this summer.”


Osbourne added that Ozzfest was likely to return to Donington in August 2002. She also said she had been in talks with Guns N’Roses to include them on Ozzfest, but they, like many big acts, were reluctant to play under someone’s else’s banner.

Stereophonics play Donington on July 14, while Ozzfest is at Milton Keynes on May 26.

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Sharon explained that Ozzy could not be at the premiere, held in the Imax cinema in Waterloo, because he was in the studio in Los Angeles working on his new solo album.

“He has about 18 tracks,” she said, “with nine already laid down.” Among the guests working on the album, revealed Sharon, was Lemmy from Motorhead.


‘We Sold Our Souls For Rock’N’Roll’ features concert footage of many of the acts on the Ozzfest tour, including Slipknot, Slayer, Deftones and Black Sabbath, as well as documentary footage and interviews with many of the bands, crew and audience involved. It will be released on DVD later this year.