Kelly Jones hopes to recruit Rhys Ifans and Billy Connolly to play parts in the movie...

STEREOPHONICS‘ vocalist KELLY JONES is working on his first film script, and hopes to recruit BILLY CONNOLLY and RHYS IFANS to play parts in the movie.

According to a report in yesterday’s (July 30) Scottish Sunday Mail, Jones has completed the script, which is set in the ’40s and based on the life of Albert Pierrepoint, one of Britain’s last hangmen, who worked before the abolition of capital punishment in 1965.

Speaking about the main character in the film, he said: “He’s very much an ordinary guy. He could be an ice cream man or a bloke pulling pints behind the bar. But when he gets the call, he’s suddenly got to go away and kill someone. He does it – almost without thinking – and returns home again.”

Jones claims to have given a script to comedian Billy Connolly, who he would like to star in the film. He continued: “I met Billy in Los Angeles at a Travis gig…it turns out he’s also a fan of Stereophonics. I told him that there’s a line in our song ‘Not Up To You’ which I nicked from a TV documentary he’d done in Australia.

Billy couldn’t believe it. He grabbed me and gave me a big kiss. So I gave him a copy of my script and he was very interested in the story.”

Jones added that he has also been “bending the ear” of ‘Notting Hill’ star Rhys Ifans to star in the film.

In addition, a documentary filmed with Stereophonics bassist Richard Jones has been posted on the official Stereophonics website, [url=] The film gives fans a guided tour of Peter Gabriel‘s Real World studios, where the band are working on their third studio album, the follow-up to last year’s ‘Performance And Cocktails’.