Kelly Jones says the group "come across like a bunch of cocks" - but Noel's alright 'cos he's Welsh....

KELLY JONES has poured yet more scorn on HEAR’SAY, announcing: “They come across like a bunch of cocks – all walking around in parkas and big fuckin’ sunglasses like they’re fuckin’ rock stars.”

Speaking in the current issue of Sky magazine, band mate Stuart Cable was also prompted to brand S Club 7 manager Simon Fuller “Simon Full O’Shit” in response to Fuller’s plans to launch ‘Pop Idols’, a ‘Popstars’-style show searching out solo artists.

Stereophonics frontman Kelly did have some kind words for Hear’say’s

Welsh contingent, however. “I was talking to [Noel] the other day at ‘CD:UK’,” Jones explains. “He’s a big fan of our band and he was going ‘I really wanna come and watch you!’ so I gave him some tickets to the

Shepherd’s Bush Empire show. He’s a nice guy.”

As is Kelly, it would seem. According to bassist Richard Jones, Kelly’s original version of journalist-baiting song ‘Mr Writer’ was more cynical and biting than the hit single we know: “It was ”Mr Writer’, you total fuckin’ c—‘,” Richard explains.