The Welsh rockers are planning to insert a webcam in their studio...

STEREOPHONICS are planning to insert a webcam in their studio – giving fans the chance to watch them record their new album.

For the last month, the band have been in Peter Gabriel‘s Real World studios in Bath, working on the follow-up to last year’s ‘Performance And Cocktails’ album.

Throughout their time in the studio, bassist Richard Jones has been keeping an Internet diary on the band’s official website, [url=] In the latest set of entries, the most recent posted today (July 20), he reveals the band plan to erect a webcam in the studio. He said: “I have breaking news that the webcam is coming…and then you can all have a look into the studio to see what we’re up to. We’ll probably work it so that it’s online for an hour or so a day, So we’d better tidy the place up for you ….. The studio looks like the flight deck off Star Trek (with a three-piece suite in the middle).”


The band originally planned to have the webcam working this week, but that now appears unlikely. However, Jones claims there is both video footage and photographs of the recording process which will be available on the site.

He continued: “We have some footage of the studio and a tour of the place on film for all to see pretty soon…We’ll also try and get some photos from the studio, so that you can see we’re doing some work and not just lazing about…like Charlie Watts once said: ’25 years in the Rolling Stones. five years working, 20 years hanging about!”

The band plan to take the next week off to “let our hair down”, as recording sessions are going “really well”. At present, the band have completed nine tracks for the new record, leaving another six in various stages of completion.

Following the break, the band will return to the studio for another fortnight, where they will mainly record overdubs of Kelly Jones‘ vocals.

Tracks cited for inclusion on the record include ‘Lying In The Sun’ and ‘Nice To Be Out’. In a previous posting on the site, the band promised to premiere some of the new material at their festival appearances at the Glasgow Green Festival In The City (August 25) and the Carling Weekend Festivals in Leeds (26) and Reading (27).

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