Stereophonics answer reader's questions...

STEREOPHONICS have shied away from any further spats with the Manic Street Preachers, bucking the recent trend for “having a go” that has infected bands in recent weeks.

In this week’s NME – out now in London and across the UK from tomorrow – the band answer fans questions including one asking for a reaction to Nicky Wire‘s T In The Park outburst, going one better than the Stereophonics guitar smashing and telling them to “stick their guitars up their arses!”

“Nobody’s actually told me what he said. I think he said I was six foot and the best looking guy in the world, which we all know. He apparently said something about the way I smashed my guitar. But it was my first one. I was only trying, wasn’t I? He’s done it for years.”


They also refused to be drawn on the question of private Portaloos. When asked if they would take their own to festivals, they replied “No, but we have nothing against people who do.”

You can read the Stereophonics fannish inquisition later this week on