The group pledge to play new material in Reading, Leeds and Glasgow...

STEREOPHONICS have promised to debut new songs from their eagerly-anticipated follow-up to last year’s multi-platinum Number One album ‘PERFORMANCE AND COCKTAILS’ at their UK festival appearances next month (August), can reveal.

They have also revealed details of the recording sessions for their third album from Peter Gabriel‘s Real World studios in Wiltshire, where they have been writing and recording for most of this year.

Writing in his regular diary posted up on their official website [url=], bassist Richard Jones said that drummer Stuart Cable had completed eight tracks, frontman Kelly Jones had done guitars on five and vocals on two, and Richard had recorded tracks for four songs.


In his July 11 entry, Jones wrote: “One new song has been written since the last entry here [July 6] so we’ve a couple of songs that will be fighting to make it on the album and plenty material to go around for other usage.”

Richard also admitted the band couldn’t wait to get back on stage to air their new songs: “Reading is coming and we are looking forward to it, it feels like we haven’t played in Britain for ages. First stop is Glasgow, where we’ll be in good company with Paul Weller and Beck and the Scottish crowd… then we have short run down to Leeds where the line-up changes slightly, it’s a bit heavier (musically that is!).”

He also had a rant about the state of UK radio, which he was subjected to while travelling to and from a wedding in Suffolk, and added that he has abandoned pop stations and fled to Radio 2 for sanctuary!

“Just a quick little ramble… our radio stations are shit! I spent about six hours in the car on Sunday and they played nothing worth listening to. It was all a load of of balls and I know there’s good music out there, so why don’t they play some? So in the end I started listening to Radio 2. Same again on Monday morning. I nearly threw the pissing radio out of the window, there’s nothing worse when you are driving than bad music.”

The title to the new album has not yet been announced, but it is expected to be released next year and in other postings to the website’s message board, they revealed that they plan to tour “a month or two before the next album is released”.

They are expected to be in the studio for another month, before headlining the Friday night of the Glasgow Green Festival In The City on August 25, plus Carling Weekend Festivals at Leeds on 26 and Reading on 27.


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