Kelly Jones admits 'Mr Writer' is a sarcastic dig at some of the nasty journalists he's encountered...

STEREOPHONICS have confirmed the details of new single, ‘MR WRITER’, which will be released on March 19 via V2.

‘Mr Writer’ is the first single to be lifted from Stereophonics’ third album ‘JEEP (Just Enough Education To Perform)’ , which follows on April 9.

The single will be backed by two new tracks, ‘Maritim Belle Vue In Kiel’ and ‘An Audience With Mr Nice’, and two live acoustic tracks, ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ across the formats.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, singer Kelly Jones said: “The basic idea was written a while ago. I had the title ‘Mr Writer’ so when we came to record the song the lyric ended up becoming a statement or a comment about some of the journalists we’ve encountered.

“It’s not really a big deal. It’s just a sarcastic observation of how some journalists or music industry people in general namedrop celebrities to open doors and then stick the knife in behind their back. Certain articles in certain newspapers are more often about the journalist than about the musician. Someone once told me, if a journalist reviews an album after just one or two listens he ([I]Or she, presumably – Ed) can only be writing about himself. So make of that what you will.”

Speaking about ‘JEEP’, Jones said the band were a lot more relaxed about the recording process. He commented: “Probably before we tended to freeze up a little bit in the studio, but this time round we said, ‘Fuck it, if it sounds good it sounds good, and it stays on the record’. The only plan I had was to be a lot freer, to be more relaxed.”

Stereophonics return for live shows in the summer, playing at Donington Racetrack (July 14) and Chepstow Racecourse (21).

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