The Welsh wonders are helped out by Andy Wallace...

STEREOPHONICS are in NEW YORK working on their new album with ANDY WALLACE, the man who mixed NIRVANA’s legendary LP ‘NEVERMIND’.

A spokesperson for the band told nme.com that they had now finished “the nuts and bolts” of their new record at Real World Studios in Bath and were putting the finishing touches to the new material in the US.

The spokesperson also dismissed rumours lead singer Kelly Jones was about to leave the trio, although there had been speculation Jones was ready to quit because he felt he was putting more effort into the new material than his fellow band members, drummer Stuart Cable and bassist Richard Jones.

But the spokesperson said nothing could be further from the truth.

He said: “It’ s just the way they record – Stuart goes into the studio and does his bit, Richard goes in and does his bit, then Kelly goes in.”

He also said the record would show a change of direction in the band, adding, “The songs Kelly is writing are far more acoustic sounding.”

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