Kelly Jones dedicates song to stabbed Beatle...

The Stereophonics concluded their most successful year to date performing a selection of their biggest hits and most popular album tracks to a crowd of over 30,000 as part of Liverpool’s Cream 2000 event.

Fifteen minutes late, the Welsh trio ignited a previously passive crowd with ‘Local Boy in the Photograph’, not releasing the tightest of grips on the pace it was closely followed by incendiary versions of ‘Pick a Part That’s New’ and ‘A Thousand Trees’. Of the 12 songs played, the biggest cheers were saved for ‘I’m Just Looking’ which saw thousands of sweaty, lighter-bearing fans shout themselves hoarse in word-perfect disharmony.

Singer Kelly Jones kept his between-song banter to a minimum, pausing only to introduce the occasional song. However, ‘I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio’ was dedicated by Jones to former Beatle George Harrison who is still recovering from a recent stabbing.

The threesome finished their 45-minute set with ‘The Bartender and The Thief’, before wishing everyone a happy New Year and promising to return “as soon as we can” in 2000.