The group's label V2 express 'surprise' and 'disappointment' on the band's behalf over Daimler Chrysler's decision not to allow them to use the acronym 'J.E.E.P'...

STEREOPHONICS’ record label have expressed ‘surprise’ and ‘extreme disappointment’ that car manufacturer DAIMLER CHRYSLER have prevented the band from using the acronym ‘J.E.E.P’ as the title for their forthcoming album.

In a brief, terse statement issued to NME.COM this evening (February 19) in which they reveal they only “reluctantly” agreed not to used the name, the label, V2, have also revealed that they approached the motor makers in a bid to “explore cross-promotional activities with the Jeep brand”.

The statement, in full, reads: “The Stereophonics album ‘Just Enough Education to Perform’ has been known by the working title ‘J.E.E.P’ since the band were in the studio recording it.

“Both V2 and the band were surprised when Damlier Chrysler objected to the use of J.E.E.P following an approach by V2 for permission to explore cross-promotional activities with the Jeep brand. Damlier Chrysler have since decided to refuse permission for the album to be known as ‘J.E.E.P’, and whilst both V2 and the band are extremely disappointed by this decision, we have reluctantly decided to accede to their request.”

“The album is entitled ‘Just Enough Education to Perform’ and will be released worldwide on the following dates: Japan March 28, UK and Europe April 9 and North America April 17.”