Car manufacturer Daimler-Chrysler object to the band's use of the copyrighted word 'Jeep'...

STEREOPHONICS have changed the title of their new album after car manufacturer DAIMLER-CHRYSLER objected to their use of the copyrighted word ‘JEEP’.

The band had hoped to release the album under the title ‘JEEP’, an abbreviation of ‘Just Enough Education To Perform’, which singer Kelly Jones said “sums up what a lot of musicians are feeling about the way the industry’s going”.

The original inspiration for the title came from Jones’ brother, who wrote ‘JEEP’ on his wall after coming back from Northern Ireland.

However, according to Canadian website [url=]www.chartattack.com Daimler-Chrysler, who make the famous Jeep motor vehicles, were opposed to the band using a word which they own the copyright to.

Bassist Richard Jones said: “Chrysler called, but it wasn’t to buy a song. It’s a funny old thing. They’ve actually copyrighted the word ‘Jeep’ for recording purposes for records. So if you try to print it for a record or for a film they’ve copyrighted it. If we want to call the album ‘Jeep’ we have to have permission from them. If we can’t have it called ‘Jeep’ we have to call it ‘Just Enough Education to Perform’.”

A UK spokesperson for the band told NME.COM this morning (February 16) that the album title is now ‘Just Enough Education To Perform’. As a result of the changes the band will now make minor alterations to the artwork of the forthcoming record, released in the UK on April 9.

A spokesperson for Daimler-Chrysler made no further comment.