Which song do you think the band should open their Carling Weekend Festival appearances with?

STEREOPHONICS are giving fans the chance to help choose which song they should open their set with at this year’s CARLING WEEKEND FESTIVALS.

Speaking in his regular diary via the band’s official website, [url=]www.stereophonics.com, bassist Richard Jones revealed that the band took a week off from recording last week to sort out “various bits and bobs”, including the “nightmare” guest list for the Reading leg of the Carling Weekend Festival on August 27. He said: “Everyone wants to come to the festival because it’s our only show this year.” Jones continued: “Something to think about, what should we open up with at the festival? New one? Old one? Cover? Send us your thoughts!”

Stereophonics are currently in Real World studios in Bath, where they are putting the finishing touches to their third studio album, the follow-up to last year’s ‘Performance And Cocktails’. As well as their show in Reading, the band also play the sister leg of the Carling Weekend Festival in Leeds on August 26.


There has been speculation that Kelly may make a guest appearance at the festival on stage with Manchild, whose single ‘The Cliches Are True’, released on August 28, feature a guest vocal from the ‘Phonics singer.

In other Stereophonics news, the long-awaited webcam in the Real World studios is now active on the band’s website, and updated every thirty seconds. At present, vocalist Kelly Jones is in the studio, putting the final touches to the vocals and guitars for previously recorded songs – though when nme.com peeked in this afternoon (August 7) there seemed to be more lounging around going on than singing!

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