Kelly Jones: ‘Razorlight are in fucking trouble’

Bands will share a stage provided Razorlight 'have any members left'

Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones has advised Razorlight‘s Johnny Borrell to “get a new haircut” to turn around the band’s fortunes.

Speaking at the Teenage Cancer Trust show last week ahead of both bands’ co-headline appearance at the Isle Of Wight Festival, Jones likened Razorlight‘s position to that of his own band.

He told MTV: “If there’s any band members left by that point… he reminds me of where we were with our third album… in fucking trouble!”

Razorlight recently lost drummer Andy Burrows following disappointing sales of 2008 album ‘Slipway Fires’.

However, Jones had advice for Borrell in riding out the storm. “Just change your haircut, they’ll forget all about you then. It’s a new you – Madonna‘s done it all her life.”